Jet White Westinghouse, USA Dehumidifier – 50 Litres

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  • BRAND :White Westinghouse
  • POWER SUPPLY V/Hz :220-240/50Hz
  • POWER RATED CONSUMPTION : 660W (30°C, 80% R.H)
  • CURRENT : 5.5A
  • AIR FLOW : Speed 1 -250M3/H, Speed 2 -290M3/H, Speed 3 -380M3/H
  • AIR FLOW (DRY MODE) : 380M3/H
  • MOISTURE REMOVAL (L / Day) :35L / DAY (26.7°C 60% RH) / 50L / DAY (30°C 80% RH)
  • WATER TANK CAPACITY (litres) : 5L
  • DIMENSION (H*W*D) :25.9×11.14×15.11 inch
  • NET WEIGHT : 19.3KG

AWHD50L : Are you searching for an efficient way to control humidity levels in your industrial space? Our top-rated industrial dehumidifier is the perfect solution for you. Designed specifically for industrial use, it covers up to 5000 cubic ft of space and removes up to 50 liters of moisture per day. Its powerful operation reduces excess moisture, prevents mold and mildew growth, and protects your industrial equipment from water damage caused by humidity. Our dehumidifier is portable and versatile, suitable for use in a range of applications, including bathrooms. Invest in our high-quality and portable dehumidifier today and experience a cleaner, healthier industrial environment with exceptional service and satisfaction. Choose our top-rated industrial dehumidifier for your needs and protect your industrial space against excess moisture.


Key Features

  • Area Covered : 5000 Cubic Ft
  • 50 Litres/Day
  • Portable
  • Industrial Purpose
  • Extremely Silent
  • Air-Purifying Filter
  • Power Reciprocating Compressor
  • Automatic Humidistat Control
  • Auto Frost Control
  • Automatic Reset
  • Full Water Warning Signal
  • Continuos Drainage
  • Easier Mobility with Convenient Wheels
  • Recyclable Materials for Environment
  • Conservation
  • LCD Display
  • Memory Function
  • Compressor Protection Function
  • Automatic Shut Down Mode
  • Low Humidity Safety Function


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