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AAVTA Wine Coolers Beautiful Wine Storage Solutions For Keeping Your Fine Wines Fine

50 Years Handling Major Brands of the World like White WestingHouse, USA, FrigidAire, USA, Speed Queen, USA, We now Present One of the Most Technogically Advanced Wine Coolers in the World from AAVTA, London. AAVTA is a Stylish British Appliance Brand Specialising in Wine Coolers and Wine Storage Equipments. We Know How to Preserve and Cool your Favourite Wines maintaining Temperatures to Perfection.

AAVTA Wine Coolers - Beautiful Wine Storage Solutions

Jet India  provides the all types of wine coolers and chillers on best price and excellent service support. Check out the wide range of Built-In Wine Coolers & Refrigerators. A refrigerated wine cooler is the best way to ensure your wines develop their greatest potential. With many sizes. Its wide-ranging temperature capability makes this wine refrigerator a versatile addition

AAVTA Wine Coolers From London UK

Best-in-class Dual Zone Wine Cooler built with British Technology. Aavta London is a British brand that specifies wine cooling and the wine cooler offered by the brand promises the specific conditions to store the wine.

Aavta – London is ideal for storing your exclusive collection of rare Wines.