Why to use a dehumidifier?

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Musty Smelling in Books & Collectibles

Enclosed environment and no ventilation lead to musty odor.

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Moldy Upholstery

Moldy or moisture problems occur due to high humidity level of atmosphere.

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Damaged Music Equipments

Excess moisture results in rusting on the strings musical instruments like guitar, sitar, violin, piano etc. It also blocks Piano keys.

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Warped Wooden Floorings

Due to high humidity, the condensation occurs in the room which warps the wooden floorings.

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Peeling Wall & Ceiling

Outside moisture such as rain and dew can penetrate a paint coat and result in cracking, peeling and premature paint failure.

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Wardrobe Molds & Musty Odour

High humidity causes white fuzzy dots on clothes as well as leather goods like belts, wallets, purses, shoes etc which leads to musty odor.

White Westinghouse cOMMERCIAL & INDUSTRIAL Dehumidifiers

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White Westinghouse Dehumidifiers

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How to choose a dehumidifier?

Step 1

It draws in excess moisture from the air and cools it.

Step 2

Then the moisture laden air is condensed to water droplets.

Step 3

Condensed water droplets are collected in water tank or drained away through continuous drainage option provided.

Step 4

This helps in achiving the desired humidity and clear air at the same time.

Why White Westinghouse Dehumidifiers

Global Brands

White Westinghouse  brings to you the world’s finest brands in portable dehumidifiers from ‘Made in USA’ 

Ready Delivery

If you need it, consider it delivered. We have ready stock to deliver at your doorstep using India’s finest courier service.

All India Service Network

If you need service assistance, we will travel to your site* to solve the problem across India (in represented areas only).

Plug & Play Operation

Our  dehumidifiers are plug and play units which can start performing the moment they land at your premises and very simple to operate.

Energy Savings

Refrigerant based dehumidifiers are considered to be the most energy efficient way to dehumidify and with our very intelligent ‘blue dry’ technology in Aerial provides maximum dehumidification at minimum energy cost.

Expert Advice

Our team understands humidity best and with the help of advanced calculations, we will help you buy the right dehumidifier, helping you save on capital and running cost.