Grab a glass of wine and let me take you through why you need a wine cooler…

What is a wine cooler?

A wine cooler is designed specifically to make your kitchen look luxurious. It keeps your wine safe and maintained at the right temperature to keep them chill, so they are ready to be served at any time.

So, invite your friends over any time, even if it is organized last minute! They are designed to look fabulous in your home and offer the most scrumptious taste.

Top tips you need to know when purchasing a wine cooler…

So, you may be thinking why do I really need a wine cooler, when I have a fridge in my kitchen, but trust me, the wine cooler will be the best idea you have ever had…

Wine coolers maintain humidity between 50-80% as this keeps the corks from getting moist and dry.

They protect wine from sunlight and UV rays. If wine is exposed, it causes it to degrade, and your wine will not have that rich taste.

Dramatic changes to the temperature where your wine is stored will have a huge impact on how tasty your wine is. You might have nights where you have a glass and want to save the rest for another day…THIS CAN HAPPEN WITH A WINE COOLER.

Once the wine has been opened, if the screw top lid, cork or a stopper is placed on the bottle, this will prevent further oxidization. Oxidized wine is where the wine has been exposed to extreme amounts of oxygen. This will cause the wine to change color over time, create an unpleasant taste where the wine tastes flat or even stale. We don’t want that….

Why is it important to store wine at the correct temperature?

You might be thinking to yourself, why do I need to make sure my wine is stored at the correct temperature, can I not just open the bottle and leave this in my fridge?

The answer is no, it is so important that you keep your wine stored at the right temperature throughout. When you are drinking your wine, you want to enjoy the body of the wine, tasting the complex flavor’s and the aromas.

If your wine isn’t served in perfect conditions, the scent and the taste of the wine will change and be distasteful.

Wine contains several chemical compounds where the compounds react and the tastes and aromas slowly evolve, therefore the wine can develop characteristics that come with time.

Humidity is also extremely important with the storage of the wine. Wine corks are made from the bark off the tree called cork oak. The cork will shrink and can expand due to the humidity. If the humidity is low. The cork will contract, and the oxygen will seep into the bottle.

FACT: The ideal humidity level is between 70-80%, anything above this won’t affect the wine but will encourage the growth of mould and mildew which can damage the cork.

What is the difference between a wine cooler and a wine fridge?

Before I started working here, I didn’t really know the difference between a wine cooler and a wine fridge, they seem like they are the same, don’t they?

A wine fridge is in fact different to a wine cooler and here is why. A wine fridge should be used to store wine for a long period of time, they are engineered to provide temperatures and humidity levels for the wine so that it can be stored for years, or even decades to mature. They are bigger in size and more decorative; they are usually found in posh restaurants.


A wine cooler is a short-term storage for the wine, it can be stored for weeks, months maybe a few years. They are smaller because people tend to not keep the bottles in the cooler for very long.