Sku : Tripods_Turnstiles

Tripods are designed to control pedestrians entering or exiting restricted area in low to medium level of security generally, under some surveillances & Crowd control applications. The rotation is 3 X 120 degree (Tri-arm design) for bi-directional application with high volume and authorized personnel movement.

Normally passage is to the left of the casework when individual units are used for entry or exit. The tripod can be arranged to open from a variety of local or remote input signal, such as coin mechanism, security control room, access control reader etc. Access Control reader/sensor can be mounted on the top of the cabinet on the slanting surface provided. The tripod arms are recessed into the cabinet ensuring that there is no obstruction to impede passage or sharp ends to catch clothing.

Tripods are classified in two categories mainly Motorized and Non- Motorized


  • BPO
  • Parks
  • Revenue control
  • Passenger terminals
  • Shopping Malls
  • Factories and Office Entrances
  • Sports Complex
  • Airport etc.

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