Sku : Sectional Doors

The work covered by this section comprises furnishing all lab our, equipment, appliance and materials and performing all operations in connection with sectional over head doors.

REQUIREMENTS OF REGULATORY AGENCIES - All work shall be in accordance with the requirements of the authorities having jurisdiction and all applicable codes, rules and regulations, and ordinances.


  • Each sectional overhead door as a complete unit produced by one manufacturer, including electrical motor, sections, brackets, tracks, counterbalance mechanisms, hardware, and installation accessories, to suit openings and headroom available and mixing of different components from different manufacturers is not allowed.
  • The supplier shall have a minimum of 20 years working experience in Qatar for installation and maintenance of sectional overhead doors. The supplier shall have an authorized exclusive agreement with the manufacturer confirming the authorized representation in Middle East and availability of spare parts and factory trained technicians.
  • The manufacturer must have a minimum of 30 years’ experience in the manufacture, installation and maintenance of industrial doors and the installation technicians of service agent in Qatar shall be trained by the manufacturer.
  • The supplier must guarantee in writing ready stock availability of parts and skilled technicians for 10 years.
  • The manufacturer must be ISO 9001 & 14001 certified. The doors must be manufactured in compliance with European standard E. N. 12445 and comply with CEN standards.


  • Manufacturer’s Data
  1. Copies of manufacturer’s specifications and installation instruction for each type of rolling door to show compliance with these specifications.
  • Samples
  1. Samples of door sections.
  2. Engineer’s review of samples shall be for design only.
  3. Requirements are the exclusive responsibility of the contractor.
  • Shop Drawings
  1. Detailed drawings of special components required for the proper installation including anchoring and supporting systems.
  2. Prepare details at 1:4 minimum scale as approved by the Engineer and show details of adjacent wall and ceiling finishes
  3. Number all doors in accordance with a plan agreed with the Engineer.
  • Operation and Maintenance manuals. - Six copes of the manufactures operation and maintenance manuals including parts lists and all other information needed for proper operation and maintenance of sectional Over Head Doors.

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