Sku : RR3000

Aluminum High Performance Door Rapid Roll® 3000 (High Speed Door)

Aluminum High Performance Door, opening in vertical direction, for interior and exterior use

  • Side frames - Edged galvanized steel profiles. Springs for curtain tension and counterbalance in the side frame.
  • Door curtain - Ecru anodized double walled aluminum lamellas, hinge less connected by means of flexible heavy belts, wear-less to wind up without to contact each other, each single lamella can be replaced easily, prefitted on the top roll
  • Wind protection - Class 3-4 (EN 12424)
  • Drive unit - Gear motor, pluggable electrical connections
  • Protection - IP 55
  • Control system - MCCVector Control, with vector control technology and boost function at startup. Graphic display and foil keypad for easy guided operation. Easy access to all important information for operation and service
  • Control voltage - 24 V DC
  • Supply voltage - 3L/(N)PE 380/400/415/440V; 50/60 Hz Transformer necessary for 230/480/500V; 50/60 Hz
  • Safety devices - Patented, contact-free prerunning safety photocell (transmitter/receiver) | Stationary safety photocell (transmitter/receiver) | Drop down protection by integrated balancing system
  • Manual activation - By releasing the brake at ground level. Partly opening by means of the prestressed tension springs
  • Opening / closing speed - Up to max. 2,2/0,7 m/s
  • Size max - (DW x DH): 5000 x 5000 mm
  • Covers – Top roll cover made of anodized aluminum | Motor cover made of anodized aluminum
  • Surface/material - Side frames with covers made of anodized aluminum  | Side frames colored | Aluminum lamellas colored
  • Miscellaneous - Lamellas with windows | Insulation | extended flexible seal
  • Actuators - Additional safety devices

Delivery - Installation incl. wiring


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