Complete Entrance Solutions for Mining

Vertical lifting fabric doors


Opening speeds -  6”–11” (15–30 cm) per second

Door dimensions  -

  • Max. height  - Dimensions unlimited
  • Max. width -  Dimension unlimited. We have delivered a door with 502’ (153m) width

Safety features

  • Safety arresters  - Connected to each end of the bottom section. The lifting belt is connected to the safety arresters
  • Bottom beam -  Safety edge on the bottom of the door

Door panel -

  • Door leaf  - Polyester, 1100 dtex with plasticized PVC coating
  • Fabric colors  - Choice of 8 standard RAL colors

Door components -  

  • Header box  - Contains the gear motor, the belt drum, lifting belts, pulleys and limit switch boxes
  • Guide rails - Made from extruded aluminum. Wind load is transferred to the vertical guide rails by the horizontal aluminum sections of the door leaf
  • Bottom seal - Heavy-duty EPDM bottom rubber, oversized to help seal on uneven surfaces

Control and drive systems  -

  • Belt system - Consists of one lifting belt that can withstand corrosion, dust and dirt
  • PLC  - For the setting of timers, automatic functions and safety functions. The PLC is programmed and configured before delivery
  • Arctic Weather Controls Package  - Includes severe-duty motor with synthetic (cold-weather) oil, heated brake and thermostat. Heating element for control panel and push-button station available as an option
  • Wash Bay Package  - Fiberglass or stainless-steel clamp-down control panel enclosure and sealed (splash-resistant) limit box enclosures. Heavy-duty NEMA 4X push-button station available as an option
  • Wind load  - Up to 75 PSF (3.6 kPa). Higher wind loads may be available on request


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