Sku : RR300PLUS

  • Self-supporting side frames -  Made of aluminium

  • Door curtain - Made of transparent PVC material with fabric reinforcement stripes, ultramarine (similar to RAL 5002) or red (similar to RAL 3002).

  • Top roll - made of anodized aluminum

  • Wind protection - wind tabs on the door curtain

  • Wind resistance - Class 1 (EN 12424).

  • Bottom profile - Anodized aluminum.

  • Drive unit - Hollow shaft gear motor

  • Protection - IP 55

  • Control system - ACS 50, electric control system with mini contactors including main switch and open-stopclose switch, control voltage 24 V DC

  • Supply voltage - ACS 50: 3L/(N)PE 230/380/400/415V; 50Hz Transformer necessary for 440/480/500V 50HZ

  • Safety devices - Electrical safety contact edge, Evaluation via integrated cable chain, door line photocell in the side frames , drop down protection by integrated balancing system.

  • Manual activation - By releasing the brake at ground level. Depending on width/height ratio the door opens up to max. 2.0 m.

  • Opening / closing Speed - Up to max. 1.2  / 1.2 m/s.

  • Size max - (DW x DH) 5000 x 5000 mm.

  • Covers - Top roll cover required for doors DH < 2500 mm / Motor cover required for doors DH < 2500 mm

  • Miscellaneous - Knock-out capability with sensor, only for version with coil cable (without interior able chain), Not possible in combination with integrated light curtain, Integrated light curtain not possible in combination with knock function, Automatic Egress on power failure, Extended flexible seal, Actuators

Option: Escape and rescue routes:                                 

Size max – (DW x DH) 4000 mm x 4000 mm

Wind resistance – class 1 (EN 12424) up to DH = 3500 mm, class 0 (EN 12424) at DH > 3500mm

Control Unit – Solely frequency converter control  MCC vector control with extension and special software (configuration)

Drive Unit – Hollow shaft gear motor with operating current brake

Emergency Opening – In case of power failure the door opens automatically, the door can be opened manually via the main switch/ CEE plug.

A radar motion detector for the detection of people is included in delivery.

Key switches for the deactivation of the escape and rescue function is optionally available.

Delivery – Installation incl. wiring




High Performance Door Rapid Roll® 300 Plus

Flexible High Performance Door, opening in vertical direction for interior use in wind-protected areas.

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