Sku : RR-Freeze

Rapid Roll Freezer – The Energy saving door for refrigeration and deep freezing

  • Slide frames – Anodised Aluminium
  • Door Curtain – The Door Curtain has a curtain made of a 20 mm thick insulating curtain with horizontal connecting profiles.
  • Door Structure – The side frames, roll cover and motor cover are made of anodised aluminium. | The flexible bottom profile is made of black insulation material with an additional seal in yellow PVC.
  • Heating – Depending on the ambient temperature and installation site the side frames, lintel profile, drive unit and control box are equipped with a heater. Likewise a heated stationary photocell can be used depending on the ambient temperature.
  • Drive – The Drive unit is geared motor that can be mounted on the right to left.
  • Control – The controller is an MCC vector control frequency converter control system which supports a wide range of speeds, supply voltages and options for connecting control and safety devices.
  • Manual Operation – In the event of  a power outage, the door can be manually opened using a crank handle on the motor.
  • Opening / closing speed – 2.5 / 1.1 m/s
  • Installation Site – suitable for use in refrigeration and deep freeze applications.
  • Temperature Range - -40 C to + 40C
  • Fitting side – Both inside the cold storage room and from outside
  • Wind Resistance – Class 0 (EN12424)
  • Noise Level - < 70 dBA
  • Direction of movement – vertical
  • Drive Unit – Electric
  • Safety Features – The door complies with the provisions of the German workplace Ordinance, the German Accident Prevention Regulations (UVV), The harmonized EU directives and EN 13241-1
  • Safety Advice – The door safety devices are designed for the normal use of power-operated doors in accordance with the harmonised CE directives. In addition, aggravated environmental conditions may affect the proper use of deep freeze doors. In such situations, we recommended that you consult our local sales engineers for expert advice on specific sitautions.

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